Appeal from UWF

Ukraine, 28th February 2022


This is the appeal from Ukrainian Weightlifting Federation (UWF) to International Weightlifting Federation, European Weightlifting Federation and all sport federations around the Globe. In this dark hour when Ukraine is facing Russian aggression, when our people are dying while trying to protect the country, while our kids and women are hiding in the bomb shelters and their homes are being bombarded, UWF request to put immediate ban on the participation of all national teams and club teams of all age categories from the country-aggressor Russia as well as Belarus in any international competitions of all the sports, which are held by IWF and EWF. We also hope for solidarity of other sport federations around the globe and encourage them to escalate this question among all sports and federations.

UWF also would like to ask all sport federations to contact their governments with request to support Ukrainian people and provide supplies which are vital in this time of protection our families. Our people need helmets, body armors, fire weapons, night vision devices and medicines in as much capacity as possible.

Ukraine will win with your help!